To Boost? Or Not To Boost? Boosted Vs Promoted Posts On Facebook

To Boost? Or Not To Boost? Boosted Vs Promoted Posts On Facebook

Aaaaah Facebook. Don’t you miss the days when you didn’t have to pay for engagement? When there was plenty of reach to go around and you didn’t have to empty out your wallet to build a decent following?

Not Anymore!

Building a following takes more than your blood, sweat, and tears. But now Facebook wants your hard earned money!

So to help you get the most bang for your buck, I thought I’d educate y’all on the difference between boosted posts and promoted posts.


Boosted Posts

I’m sure you’ve seen the “boost post” button at the bottom of your posts in your feed. And Facebook REALLY wants you to push that button by saying “This post is performing better than 80% of your other content bla bla bla”

Boosting a post is very similar to setting up a standard ad. You have some features to select your audience and configure your budget.

But that’s about it.

When a post is boosted, the only thing it’s doing is increasing the reach of that post. That means you are getting charged when you’re ad appears on someone’s timeline. That’s all.


Promoted Posts

Promoted posts, unlike boosted posts, give you all the features of the power editor. This means you have WAY more options for setting advertising goals for your post.

For example, maybe you have a blog post that has an opt-in form at the end. You want to track how many email signups you get as a result of that blog post. You can set your ad campaign goal to track “conversions” and setup your Facebook Pixel to track completed signups from your optin form.

I’m not going to get into how you actually set that up. That’s for another post.

Anyway, so instead of monitoring how many eyeballs have seen your post, you can actually track how many people clicked on your link, opted in to your email campaign, and how much it costs per completed registration.

You can’t do that with a boosted post.


How to promote an existing post instead of boosting it

1 : Go to your ads manager and create a new ad

2: Select your campaign goal. NOTE: If you select engagement as your campaign goal, DO NOT select page likes. This will not allow you to promote an existing post

3: After you’ve configured your ad budget and audience targeting, Click the “use existing post” tab. This will allow you to pick any post on your news feed.

4: After you’ve selected your post to promote, you can configure your Facebook pixel( also for another article ) if you wish and publish!


Dark Posting

So here’s a cool thing you can do with Facebook ads

Say you want to make a Facebook post, but you want to run an experiment with your ad copy. Maybe try out a different writing voice or experiment with graphics.

You can create a single image ad ( or a couple for testing purposes ) and let them run under your target audience. Since these are Facebook ads and not boosted posts, they will not appear on your page’s timeline.

This is also good if you have content that you want to promote but you don’t think it would be appropriate for your timeline

Conclusion: Think about your ad goals

If you’re just looking to put more eyeballs on your posts and you want to get used to Facebook ads, boosting is a great option.

But if you want more options with your ad, or want to use your post as part of your sales funnel and need more advanced tracking options, promoting your post is the way to go.


What about you? Do you Boost your posts or promote them?

4 Things That Will Make You A Pro At Instagram

4 Things That Will Make You A Pro At Instagram

So you want to be an Instagram pro huh?  Do you ever find yourself feeling a little jealous of Kylie Jenner? Do you wish you could just take a selfie a get a bazillion likes?


Well unfortunately, us common folk have to work a little harder at becoming insta-famous.



I can’t guarantee that your instagram account will become lit overnight.  But I’ve got some pro tips to share with you that will help you grow your following and make you look like you’ve got your Sh** together.  Because let’s face it. None of us are really that picture perfect ?


Pro Tip #1 : Schedule your posts


When it comes to social media in general, consistency is key. Your followers should expect you to be active and posting content on a regular basis. Instagram is no exception.

The best way to stay consistent is to schedule your posts. By picking specific days of the week to post your content, your followers can anticipate when to get online and look for your stuff.  Otherwise if you post randomly, it  will be a lot harder to build a following, especially in the beginning.


Now you’re probably thinking “How the heck do I do that? There’s no scheduling feature in Instagram!”

Yes. There is no scheduling feature in Instagram. That’s why I use the Later app.

Not only can you schedule your Instagram posts, you can also see a visual preview of your profile. That way you can drag the photos in any position you want on the feed.  Have you ever wanted to make cool Instagram feed designs. This app will allow you to do it.

Pretty cool huh? ?



Pro Tip #2 : Watch your hashtags

This whole hashtag thing can be really frustrating  and a pain in the ass. I know.

And to add more fuel to the fire, Instagram has started to ban A TON of hashtags. A lot of them seem really random too. like #kansas or #eggplant. SO WEIRD!

If you want to find out which hashtags are banned for 2018 check out this list

It’s also important to research popular hashtags. You don’t want to put a bunch of random hashtags on your photos that might sound cool, but in reality there isn’t an audience for them.

Here is a list of some tools you can use to research hashtags:


Khloe knows what’s up


Pro Tip #3 : Add calls to action in your profile

Your Instagram might be bangin with comments and likes. But if you have a business to run, you want a lot more than that. You want to migrate that traffic from your Instagram account to other outlets, like your website.

By default, your profile only allows you to have one link, but you can get around that with the link tree app.

Link tree allows you to have a link on your profile that will go to a separate mobile friendly landing page where you can post multiple links. This is great if you want to drive your followers to sign up for your newsletter or read your latest blog post.

This alone turns your Instagram from the most shallow social media account you have to a serious money maker!???



Pro Tip #4 : Use manual camera apps

The key to success with Instagram all lies within that beautiful pic right? Well if you’re using the default camera app on your phone you need to STOP! That’s for basic bitches!

If you really want to get the most of your camera and take the perfect pictures every time ( but you’re also like me and don’t have the money for an amazing DSLR ) you need to use what’s called a manual camera app. Manual camera apps give you full control of your cellphone’s camera, giving you most of the same features of a standard point and shoot.

Your food selfies will never be the same!

There are a tone of options to choose from for both iPhone and android, but here are just some to name a few.

For iphone


If you’re planning on shooting video, I definitely reccomend you purchase Filmic Pro. If you have a nice camera phone that can shoot HD, it will make your videos look AMAZING. This app is so good it will make you look like a pro videographer. No joke!


Are you ready to go out there and grow your Instagram? Go take some selfies!